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‘Warriors of the Net’

IP packets contain information and are sent through hyperlinks, these packets go through a network leading them to a router, they make a url which is then sorted in the proxy, the proxy sorts out with url is good or not, and rids of bad urls. These then go to the firewall, which protects your computer from getting viruses, it won’t let anything that may contain a virus through. Once they pass the firewall the packets then make their way onto the world wide web. From here they will travel to a web server, which is protected again by a firewall. The packets that make it through this firewall will make it onto the web server. The packets are then received and opened. The information contained is then sent onto the web server application, and the packet is recycled and ready to be used again. It’s filled with your requested information, addressed, and then sent on it’s way back to you.


Magazine and Newspaper Applications

Magazine and newspaper apps are applications for smart-phones and tablets that allow the user to read an online copy of a magazine.

Many magazine/newspaper apps can be downloaded for free on any app store, or purchased for a small fee. Magazine apps update daily, so there is no need to go out and buy the latest issue of the actual magazine, as you would have that days news already available.

Because of this sales of magazines of newspapers would go down, since people would have the apps installed and therefore not need to buy the issue of that magazine/paper the next day.


Snapchat is a fairly recent photo messaging application. The application allows its users to take pictures and record videos and send them to friends. These pictures/videos that are sent are known as ‘snaps’ and they only last for 1-10 seconds, after this time they are deleted.

SnapChat was originally started as a project of creators Evan Speigel and Reggie Brown for one of their classes at Standford University.

The main demographic for the app are people between the ages of 13 and 23. 80% of all snapchat users are from the United States.

As of May 2014 users of the app were sending up to 700 million snaps per day.

The company has a value of ten billion to twenty billion dollars.


Who Uses WordPress?

Anyone can sign up to use WordPress, it’s completely free.

Users of WordPress can create their own websites by installing a variety of different themes and customising the settings to make something their own.

Many well-known companies use WordPress as a platform for their sites, such as news sources like The New York Times and CNN. Other companies like SONY use it so that they have a direct link with their customers. Celebrities also use WordPress, such as Katy Perry, Russell Brand, and Jay-Z.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free blogging tool and content management system. It is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, with more than 60 million websites. Its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little first launched it in 2003. WordPress is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites.

Who is Tim Berners-Lee?

Tim Berners-Lee is an English computer scientist best known for being the creator if the World Wide Web. After he graduated he began work at a telecommunication company in Poole called Plessey, where he helped to create software for printers. He worked at CERN from June to December in 1980. He began to develop his ideas as early as 1989 and implemented a successful communication via the Internet in the same year. He was knighted for his pioneering work in 2004.

The Use of Tumblr

The type of social media I probably end up using the most is Tumblr.

On Tumblr I follow other peoples’ blogs who post/reblog things that interest me. This can be art, gifs, and text posts. I usually reblog fan art and things that I find funny.

I find Tumblr a really good site for interacting with people, indulging in your interests, and also a good way of finding really talented artists.

Tumblr also has a great sense of community, a majority of it’s users are friendly, and it’s very easy to find people with the same interests to you by searching certain tags and blogs.