Online News/Magazine Report

The two sites I have chosen to write my report on are The Daily Mail and The Guardian. Both sites deliver the latest news on their home pages, but if you want more specific news both sites offer a variety of options to narrow down the news that is displayed, for example if you only want to see news from the UK you can filter it so it only displays UK news stories.

Both sites also allow their articles to be shared through social media, allowing them direct interaction with their readers.

I do think the layout of the Daily Mail’s website is a lot more appealing than the Guardian, The Daily Mail’s articles are all displayed going down the webpage, all in big boxes with huge headings and pictures on every article. The Guardian’s articles vary in size, and not all of them have pictures, so some of their articles wouldn’t catch my eye and so I wouldn’t read them.

Both sites have articles that contain videos and audio, which is good for any news site, so that way people who aren’t fond of reading through big walls of text can watch a video or listen to some audio that tells them the same thing.

Both sites have subscription costs, and they both offer free trials for people to try out.

After looking at each of the sites a few times I decided I do like the Daily mails site a lot more than The Guardian’s site. I just think the Daily Mail’s layout is a lot easier to understand, and the overall vibe of the site is a lot less serious, which for me is a good thing. The Guardian seems like it mainly deals with more serious news stories, which is sometimes interesting, but most big news stories are depressing and I don’t like to be made depressed by news.

The Daily Mail sometimes features stories that are quite funny, and a few of the articles even have their readers get involved, for example some stories ask the readers send in pictures of certain things. Personally, I like to look at the bizarre, and even celebrity news which is very evident on the Daily Mail’s site.

But this is all just my opinion, I know a lot of people would prefer the Guardian’s site for being more serious than The Daily mail and I understand that.

I just can’t help but prefer the Daily Mail for bringing me the stories that I, personally, find more interesting to read through.


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