How Content Is Displayed On News/Magazine Sites.

The Daily Mail

The articles on the Daily Mail’s website are displayed in boxes, they all include a picture of something relating to the article and a brief description at the top. The story at the top of the home page as of when I’m typing this is a story about The Duchess of Cambridge visiting the cast of the ITV series Downton Abbey. Like all articles on the site there is a photo, and the intro to the story is 24 words long, so it was very short.

When I actually clicked onto the story this was the first wall of text…

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the set of the long-running ITV drama at Ealing Studios in London
She is the third royal to meet Downton stars in less than a week and confessed to being a fan in 2011
Last week saw a visit from the Countess of Wessex while Charles and Camilla hobnobbed with stars on Monday
Kate, who is eight months pregnant, was on set to watch a scene from series six being filmed
Looked wonderful in an £69 cream ‘princess line’ coat by High Street maternity brand, Jojo Maman Bebe
Excited cast tweeted about the Duchess’ visit ahead of time, among them Joanne Froggatt
Ms Froggatt wrote about ‘an exciting day ahead’ and revealed a ‘very special visitor’ would be popping in
She was shown around by creator Julian Fellowes and also met cast members but not Dame Maggie Smith
Dame Maggie, who plays the Dowager Duchess of Grantham, was forced to cancel after falling ill.

The first few lines of text follow the Inverted Pyramid structure a little by telling the reader who (The Duchess of Cambridge), what (She visited the set of Downton Abbey), when (today), and where (Ealing studios in London). It then goes on to add more detail, stating that Kate is eight months pregnant, and that previously other royals had visited the set too, this follows the inverted pyramid structure as more detail is added the story as you keep reading.

The Guardian 

The articles on the front page of the Guardians website are displayed within small boxes, some with pictures, and some without. They all include a small line of text that summarises what the story is generally about. The story on the front page as I am typing this is about author Terry Pratchett, who recently passed away. The article includes a photo of the author, and the intro is 16 words long, shorter than the previous story.

This article seemed to also follow the inverted pyramid structure, it tells us who it’s about, when it happened, why and where…

The story also includes some multimedia such as a video and photos.

Inverted Pyramid Structure Example…




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