‘Warriors of the Net’

IP packets contain information and are sent through hyperlinks, these packets go through a network leading them to a router, they make a url which is then sorted in the proxy, the proxy sorts out with url is good or not, and rids of bad urls. These then go to the firewall, which protects your computer from getting viruses, it won’t let anything that may contain a virus through. Once they pass the firewall the packets then make their way onto the world wide web. From here they will travel to a web server, which is protected again by a firewall. The packets that make it through this firewall will make it onto the web server. The packets are then received and opened. The information contained is then sent onto the web server application, and the packet is recycled and ready to be used again. It’s filled with your requested information, addressed, and then sent on it’s way back to you.


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